Hello and welcome to High Park Blobs.

This is a series of watercolour paintings on paper (22.5" x 15") and accompanying 11" x 17" inkjet reproductions.

I have been living in the Roncesvalles area in Toronto, Ontario, Canada for a few years now and there are many reasons I love it here. It is one of the best places I have ever had the fortune to experience. One great aspect to being here is that I am situated very close to High Park and I visit almost daily (usually to do Tai Chi but for many other reasons as well, for example, artistic inspiration!).

In the wilderness we will find all our answers. And this wilderness serves to inform my artistic practice, just as it has for countless other artists everywhere. I am interested in using art as the means to study psyche and what more potent a portrait of living presence can one encounter than the forest - every square inch saturated with living creatures, plants, animals, mold, fungus, seeds, flowers. Incomprehensibly complex systems working together to form a living mass that is constantly in a dramatic state of flux. The ultimate symphony and the model I use as an example of a document of living presence. Where each branch forms, the paths creatures choose to take, where decaying vegetation lands on the forest floor. This entire configuration determined by all of the various living beings sharing this space. Rich beyond comprehension. So it is through these paintings that I study and absorb the dynamics and systems that make up the wilderness. There is no end to the lessons available. This knowledge and awareness informs my other more programmatic work (software, installations) that is a more deliberate and formal study of psyche and living presence (though still very much artwork - you will find one example here).

noise paintings.

here is a link to the HPB page on my website.

This is the start of this series. I have plans for continuing this series and like so many other pieces, it becomes more of a project than a series of paintings - t-shirts->prints->paintings->custom painting->custom installation/software. Glorbazizers.

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