My website: robgillthings.net

There you will find details on all of the work featured in this storefront.

My name is Rob Gill and I have been a media artist for over two decades now. I am interested in using art as the medium to study human psyche. All the work I do employs various strategies to reveal aspects of psyche that are otherwise hidden. A lot of the work I do is based on programming, 'creative coding', digital art, audio art, interactive installations, but I do like to produce paintings as well and many of them are here.


I use art as the medium to study human psyche. Through interactive installations, based on software that I design, I use both the mundane and creative action of participants' to generate audio and visual noise to which I apply processes designed to reveal different aspects of awareness - the state the person was in when they interacted with the installation. I explore this noise as a source of information about human psyche. I am also exploring the possibilities that the use of networks - artwork as a network - offer in this regard. You can see some screenshots from some of the animations generated by interactions with the software.
Some times, however, I approach this aim less formally through audio composition and painting. What you see here are a number of experiments with noise generated from various sources, some of them pictures from my everyday life. This is a stream of creative activity that runs parallel to my installation and audio work that is meant to serve as a compliment - a more directly intuitive approach.
There is no limit to the number of strategies that may be employed to generate noise.