incrediblobs snorkagizer (before)  - print
incrediblobs snorkagizer (before)  - print

incrediblobs snorkagizer (before) - print

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inkjet reproduction on premium matte paper enclosed in an acid[-free slear protective sleeve. Note, this is not archival quality.

three different sizes: 12" x 18", 23" x 41", and 46" x 82"


This work is also available as an NFT:

You have the option of buying just the physical print here, or visit my NFT page to purchase just an NFT or both the NFT and the physical print: small, medium, large.


This is part one of a two part artwork generated for and during Nuit Blanche North in Huntsville, Ontario on July 23, 2022. The name of my installation was also incrediblobs snorkagizer. The second part of the artwork can be found here.

This is the entire ammo.js library - code (this is a minified version - meaning all of the spaces were removed - of this popular physics library used in javascript graphics programming). This serves as the first layer of the artwork, and is an artwork in its own right. The second image is a detail after having zoomed the pdf reader to the maximum level (450%). There are nearly a million characters on this page. This is just one library of thousands (if not millions) that operate online as software. This artwork is an attempt to give a sense of the unimaginable scale and complexity of today's computing and online world.

The second layer was generated during the Nuit Blanche North July 23rd event. The print was taped to a board and acetate was placed over top. During the event, participants were invited to draw whatever they wanted on it using the provided markers. The result of this collaboration is what you see in stage two.

Visit my event webpage for a thorough explanation including audio, video, and images. 


see part two of this work